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ニュース 各部門の活動 2021年度

Introduction of Research

主  催:
講  師:
SILVEIRA Thamis Larissa 講師(外国語学部ポルトガル語学科)
日  時:



Professor Silveira’s research focuses on Applied Linguistics, Portuguese as an Additional Language, Portuguese as a Foreign Language. In today’s session, she talked about the analysis and development of teaching materials for Portuguese as an additional language.

The objectives of her research are; to know a survey of Portuguese for foreigners in a dialogical perspective of language; to know what perspective of material development are taken into account when analyzing teaching materials and, consequently, when creating them; to observe how points considered important in her research are materialized in her classes.

Professor Silveira gave us some examples of different types of teaching materials for Portuguese as an additional language and pointed out that; almost all materials explicitly refer to the speech genre as a reference to practices of Portuguese use; all materials present relevant themes to the professional practices in Unified Health System; it is important to create tasks that explicitly provoke a response to a genre and put the student in speaker position.

She tried to incorporate these concepts and knowledge into teaching by using authentic texts and speech genres in all the tasks and creating oral and written production tasks in which the student needs to become an interlocutor in a specific situation.

Professor Silveira then reported to us what she understood from her own teaching, that if learning takes place in interaction with others, language teaching should provide opportunities for social participation, helping the student to be the protagonist of his/her learning process and the teacher who helps him/her to experience situations of practice and reflection on the uses of language in its linguistic-discursive and cultural dimensions.

In the time for questions and answers, there was a lot of discussion, especially about the differences between Portuguese Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.


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