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ニュース FD委員会の活動 2022年度

2022年度大学院授業アンケートにご協力ください。Cooperation needed for AY2022 Questionnaire Survey on Graduate School courses






【実施方法】 Loyolaにログインし、Menu-アンケートよりアンケート回答・集計結果照会をクリックします。パソコンまたは携帯電話のいずれからも回答可能です。

【Loyola(WEB)】 URL:https://scs.cl.sophia.ac.jp/campusweb/

【Loyola(スマホ版)】 URL:https://scs.cl.sophia.ac.jp/campusweb/campussmart.do?locale=ja_JP



The purpose of this survey is to collect the voices of graduate students, to identify issues, and to improve the quality of classes taught in our Graduate Schools.

The answers will be collected anonymously. We ask for your cooperation.


[Graduate Schools] Human Sciences, Law, Law School, Economics(Schools differ from year to year)

[Survey Period] December 14th (Wed), 2022 to January 20th (Fri), 2023

[How to answer the questionnaire] Please login to Loyola, choose “Usual menu” or “Questionnaires” in the menu, and click the “Answer screen/ Application”. You can access from PCs and smartphones,

[Loyola (PC)] URL:https://scs.cl.sophia.ac.jp/campusweb/

[Loyola (smartphones)] URL:https://scs.cl.sophia.ac.jp/campusweb/campussmart.do?locale=en_US


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